ABC Vitamin Smoothie

Happy International Workers’ day!

Actually I don’t really care what kind of holiday it is, I’m just happy to get a day off 🙂

I’ve been quite busy with life these days. I’m writing on my bachelor thesis and currently I’m waiting for my program to finish running. But apparently it’s still going to take a couple of minutes, so I’m going to share a short smoothie recipe with you meanwhile:


2 oranges
200 ml carrot juice
1 banana
10 frozen strawberries
handful red currants

It’s a smoothie full of vitamin A, B and C!


And because the carrot taste is well mixed with the other flavors, even carrot haters will like it! 🙂

Btw, I went hiking yesterday! We went to the Kampenwand/Steinilingalm which is 1450m above sea level (!). It’s actually a 4 and a half hour hiking route, but because of the melting snow (and lunch break) it nearly took us 6 hours. So for rookies like me it was a pretty tough one!

…but I made it!



Grapefruit Juice Mix

I’ve mentioned in another post that I’m recently into grapefruits which is why I’d like to share a juice combination with you that I just tried last week. I mean, I’m a pro grapefruit-devourer now, I enjoy every bitter-sour juicy piece of it. But especially for those of you who are not fond of sour citrus fruits, this is a really easy mixture that makes the first grapefruit experience more relishable:


1 grapefruit
1 orange
10 strawberries
a few ice cubes

Yeah, I know, very complicated. But just try it! If you are lucky enough to get some sweet strawberries during this season, you’ll definitely enjoy this.
It’s a perfect vitamin cocktail to start the day!

Is fancy muesli worth the price?

Good morning potato fellows,

I’m having muesli this morning and I just wonder, what kind of cereal brands you prefer having. Recently I’ve run out of my Dr. Oetker Vitalis, so I decided to buy some new fancy muesli. (because payday and stuff)

mymuesli has caught my eye for quite some time, because as you can see they have pretty boxes that you can actually reuse, but it was always the price that had kept me away (7.90€/box).


Anyhow I got chocolate banana (for my soul) and figurefit (for my body) and I tend to mix both for breakfast (for body & soul of course). I really like the fact that they put lots of dried fruits and seeds in it, because I’m the kind of person who can’t eat much oat unless it is mixed with other interesting ingredients. And again, I love the boxes.
So far, my favorite flavor is blaubeer (blueberry), and I’m probably going to rebuy it soon, despite it being twice the price I pay for Dr. Oetker…

So to be honest, I do think you can also find good muesli for a lower price. In my experience 3€-muelis are usually fine, and I will definitely try some other brands too, to be able to make a full comparison. (Any recommendations?)

BUT, if you think about it, how much do we pay for fun on average? I mean, a cocktail  (even non-alcoholic) is already about 6-8 €, in a bar even a coke costs 3€. The money we spend on a friday night could probably buy us cereals for half a year. I paid 23€ for Beauty and the Beast (popcorn + drink included) without blinking an eye. And don’t we all (don’t lie!) buy random stuff we don’t really need? We spend fortunes on all kinds of things daily, so why should we hesitate when it comes to our well-being?

So, if it’s not the end of the month (even then payday is around the corner, so don’t be thrifty) don’t think about 7.90€ and buy the muesli with the fancy box, if that’s your motivation for eating healthier 🙂



Smoothie Season

I’ve started to make some smoothies again, because it’s the season when fruits are getting cheaper, hallelujah!

And also it’s time to get rid of some Winterspeck. So here’s my first spring smoothie:


1 banana
2 oranges

During this time of the year strawberries are usually not very sweet yet, so I just added a handful of them, plus a couple of physalis to get a nice scent for the smoothie.

I was in Barcelona (again) a couple of weeks ago, and if you have been there, you’ve definitely visited the Mercado de La Boqueria market (you should if you haven’t!):


They have amazing fruit stands there (try the papayas!) and as you can see, they also offer lots of fresh juice cocktails.

My advise, have lots of fruits and juices in mediterranean countries!

I’m going to upload some more pictures of my trip in another post sometime 🙂



Book Swapping and Cherry Blossoms

Hi guys!

Spring has come to town (in Munich) and let me show you some pink cherry trees near my house:


I just love this season! Even a couch potato like me has to go out during these days, because the weather and everything is just beautiful.
I also got a pretty nice picture with my instant camera:


But that’s not the only reason why I got out today. A book swapping event just happened to take place in the so-called Amerika-Haus and it was amazing!


So this is how it works: You bring old books that (you think) you can part with, and some people there would estimate how much your books are worth. Based on their judgments you will receive a card with a number on it which represents your credits. Then you can start “shopping” by going around and picking up books you find interesting. Each book is marked by a number depending on its value. I got 5 points on my card, so I was able to take books with a total value of 5. This is my haul! :


Pretty awesome, right? The Catcher in the Rye was even for free! There was actually a pile of books that were all for free due to their used condition. Book heaven, I’d say!
I just loved the idea of this whole thing! (I’m actually thinking about joining a book club there…)

And of course we went by my favorite ice cream place in Munich on our way home: Balla Beni


We had chocolate, maracuya and blueberry ice (the chocolate ice cream here is really THE best, and all the other flavors are awesome, too) and you can always pick a flavor to try out, so we chose lemon sorbet with basil (very fresh!) and caramel with amaretti (a little too sweet).

Well, that’s about it for today! Good night potato fellows! 🙂


Why are instant photos so nostalgic?

I recently got an instant camera (instax mini 8) and I have to admit instant photography is just so much fun. Somehow instant pictures are much more valuable to me than pictures I take with my normal camera or smartphone. I guess the price of the film does contribute to the value in some way but that’s not what I mean.

Most of the time I tend to take several pictures of the same thing with my smartphone, and then pick the one I think is the best shot. (I think I’m not the only one.) But what about the rest of them, the pictures that are less satisfying, the ones that capture the moments between those that we want to keep in memory? Those empty pictures mean nothing to us and their sole purpose is to fill up our memory cards until we erase them, and then, vanish into oblivion.
But we don’t do that with instant pictures. We don’t take 10, 20 pictures and only keep one of them. Every picture is the one.


(It does look like a picture from the 70s right?)

And even crappy pictures become valuable. I think the idea of capturing something that very moment – forever on print – makes it much more nostalgic than any digital photograph. It’s not deletable and unique in its own way. I always feel like, I only got one shot, and that’s it. And even if it doesn’t turn out to be the best shot at first, I tend to like it eventually.
So I was thinking..
What if everything in life was an instant photo?

I’m a grapefruit person now

I had a grapefruit today. And I liked it. I think it’s the beginning of the end (of youth).

When I think of it, it is pretty scary how fast everything is going. This year I am actually going to be 27 . . (can you imagine?)
When I was 14 I used to imagine how my life is going to be – 18 first boyfriend, 20 graduate from high school, 23 meet future husband, 24 get a job (well-payed of course), 26 married.
(Yes I used to think things ended after marriage.)
But well, turns out everything except graduating from high school didn’t go as planned!
I honestly still feel like I’m 21 (when I’m standing under the shower and think about life, I might be 40 though.)

And I do feel like 2017 will bring some changes. It actually already did: I’m officially a German citizen now (yay!), I got a new job (yay!) and I got a new cell phone haha.

So yeah, that’s my short update, I’m sorry I don’t have a new smoothie that I can present to you (fruits are so expensive and rare during this season). I do have fruits everyday, but I think I’m too old now for posting everything I eat :))
Stay healthy and age gracefully!


(Summer 2014 – one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona.
Where would you go, if you could right now?)



5 Things a couch potato is doing on cold winter days

Hi there!

It’s been two weeks since my last post, and in case you are wondering what I’ve been up to: I haven’t managed to run a kilometer (but I got myself new running shoes, yay!), so I still have 200 km to go.
But hey I did actually do something that I can check off my new years resolutions list: I read a book! (It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover) And I liked it so much! If you are interested in what it is about, check out this summary on Goodreads.

So what are couch potatoes doing at home all day? Now, how should I know, I haven’t talked to another couch potato! But I can tell you the things I like to do. When I plan my days it usually goes like this in my head:

  1. Get up early and run a few miles while it’s -5°C and snowing outside OR
    stay in warm bed, get some breakfast in bed and get some fresh air on the balcony
  2. Go out and explore the world while it’s -5°C and snowing outside OR
    explore things on the internet, cook a warm meal and wear comfy clothes (totoro socks!)
  3. Go shopping when every store has big sales while it’s -5°C and snowing outside OR
    go online shopping while sitting on a comfy couch, sipping hot chocolate
  4. Socialize with other people in a bar, club or somehere else while it’s freeezing cold, dark, slippery, windy, -10°C and snowing OR
    socialize with the person who’s already here at home and have some snacks while watching netflix
  5. Read a good book and have a nice cup of tea OR
    read a good book and have a nice cup of tea.

I have been very lazy regarding blogging and posting updates in the last few months, not because I was too busy doing anything in particular. I just like finding new ways to spend my time and try new things to do at home and my latest new thingy is doodling in a notebook:wp-1484437402057


It’s like writing in a diary, without actually writing long sentences or apologizing for absent days.

And yes I’m a Lauren Graham Fan!

If you have any new ideas for couch potatoes like me, just let me know!





Happy new year fellows!

It’s the first day of 2017 and I’m going to start with my new year’s resolution:

  1. Run 200 km (I know, but baby steps!)
  2. Read 15 books
  3. Graduate from university

Hm, I think that’s it! Well of course I will also try to eat healthier, drink more water, go to bed earlier etc., but those thinks are so complicated and exhausting to measure I’m not going to officially put them on the list. ^^


Here is a picture of San Clemente Beach on a sunny day! I think I took the photo about 10 years ago. See the jogger on the left? That’s gonna be me, soon, … this year (hopefully).