Sea Salt Shampoo by LUSH

Tiếng Việt
Hi everyone it’s time for a review of this interesting sea salt shampoo by LUSH:




This shampoo comes in a little pot which is maybe not the best packaging, but you’ll have to admit that it kinda looks pretty. It actually reminds me of Ben & Jerry’s:)
I think using a spoon to scoop out the shampoo might be a wise idea, but I’m too lazy to do that.


I was really excited to try out this shampoo because it actually looks like rice porridge:
The shampoo is a mixture of sea salt, seaweed, coconut oil, and lemon. You can actually see and feel the chunks of salt and I was very surprised that it was foaming a lot. It smells fresh and pleasant, not too special but that’s because sea salt doesn’t smell like anything particular.


My hair usually lacks of volume, so I was hoping this volumising shampoo could change that. BIG definitely did lift and softend my hair, but I guess my hair is just too thick, so I didn’t notice a huge difference. (Well, I expected an Afro.) But my hair was really shiny and felt very very clean after this. It might be a little bit too much for dry hair, so I recommend using it as a cleansing once in a while, not as an everyday shampoo. And definitely use a conditioner afterwards!


One more reason to not use it for your daily routine is its price: 17,50€/230ml
I’m not sure whether my hair is fabulous after this shampoo because it’s expensive or it’s expensive because my hair looks so awesome afterwards 🙂

Sum up

nice smell
makes hair soft & shiny

unhandy packaging
makes hair a little dry


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