3 hours of joy

Hans Zimmer – here in my hometown!
It was worth every penny. I knew this concert would be good . . . well, because of The Dark Knight, Inception, The Da Vinci Code, Interstellar … not to mention The Lion King. You’ve definitely watched a movie or two with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.
Yet I was still so amazed hearing them live at his concert.


It’s his first live tour in Europe and one of his first tours in general. The concert was completely sold out and I enjoyed every minute of the 3-hour-performance. I think he started with Gladiator and of course I didn’t know all of his work, but every piece was performed with such elegance and so much passion – by a choir, an ochestra and a band – I couldn’t stop admiring those artists. Sometimes the various drums were a tiny bit too loud for my liking, but before it started to bug me, other sounds so soft and clear would take away my breath.  I mean how can you not get goosebumps when the familar themes of Pirates of the Carribean start to fill the hall? Or when an Afro-American singer starts to sing Circle of Life? I was thrilled.


Even though he is an American Hollywood star now, Hans Zimmer has German roots. And he even talked in German during the concert, which was pretty awesome:) He was funny and seemed to have a great personality – you could tell by the way he treated his artists.


We may not live in times of Mozart, Chopin or Beethoven, but there are definitely some great composers out there. So take a note here, and go to a Hans Zimmer concert when you have the opportunity. It’s a chance other generations might not have and you won’t regret it.




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