LeDu Happy Dumplings


Catching up with some old friends is always nice, but you know what is even better? Having some dumplings with them! It’s the second time I’m getting dumplings at LeDu, and this time we went to the small bistro (Theresienstraße 18, Munich) instead of the restaurant. I got the fried version of “Red Bull” which consists of organic beef, carrots, sezuan-pepper, celeries and ginger. You can also choose between wheat or rye dough and the dumplings come with some peanut sauce and soy(?) sauce. It was delicious and those 10 pieces really make you feel full afterwards. And the best part is, you only pay 6,90€  for it!

After that we walked through the city for a while, so here is an unrelated picture of Munich 🙂



2 thoughts on “LeDu Happy Dumplings

    1. Maybe you havent checked out other places? I’m sure the US has many nice places to have food 🙂 But if you come to Munich someday I hope my blog can help you to find some good spots 🙂


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