Daytrip: Salt mine Berchtesgaden

Hi guys!

I went on a day trip yesterday and visited the famous salt mine in Berchtesgaden:

salt mine
It’s a cellphone picture because I forgot my camera at home, but there are some better pictures on the offical website of the salt mine.
The ticket was 16,50€ for normal people and 15,00€ for students. At the entrance you will get an overall in your size which you have to put on during the sight seeing tour:


(credits to my friend Leon Duc Harris for this group picture)

I won’t tell all the details of the tour, but it included a 40m slide, a ride on a mirrow lake and tasting some salty walls – it was fun! Just see it for yourself 🙂
And don’t forget to check out the salt shop there! You can try the different seasoning salts before buying and this is what I got:

So, if you are traveling in south Germany you should definitely visit this salt mine!

Berchtesgaden has a  beautiful landscape but it was too rainy to go hiking, so we decided to have some food in Salzbug (Austria) afterwards.
(It’s only about an hour from Berchtesgaden if you take the bus.)

We went to a restaurant called “Zum Zirkelwirt” which was pretty Austrian/German. The atomosphere there was very nice and the Schnitzel was perfect (actually there were potatoes under it, you just can’t see them on the picture). The soup “Rindsuppe mit Grießnockerl” was also tasty as expected, but the “Schmalzbrot” (bread with lard) was not really my thing somehow. Not because it was bad, but because I don’t like lard in general I guess. But I wanted to try it anyway 🙂
In general I would totally recommend this place! If you happen to be in Salzburg and want to check it out, here is the website of the restaurant: Zum Zirkelwirt



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