Spicy Mango

Hi guys!

I bought some mangos again, but this time they were pretty sour so I decided to make a spicy mango snack!

mango snack

If you have an unripe mango that is green and still hard and crunchy just peel and cut it into little cubes and put them in a jar. Add a little salt and let it rest for about an hour. Then get rid of the juice that has accumulated in the jar. If you have chili powder mix it with some sugar before adding it to the mango. I didn’t have any so I just used a red chili pepper and chopped it into little pieces. I also added some spicy paprika powder because it smells nice and gives some extra color. Depending on how you like it, just add more salt, sugar or chili. I like it more sweet then salty, so I used twice the amount of sugar compared to the amount of salt.
Once you’ve put all the ingredients into the jar, close it, shake it and enjoy!



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