How to cook your favorite food in 8 steps

Holy moly, what a promising title.
How come, those “How to …” articles always draw so much attention. I mean everyone clicks on them right? Okay maybe it’s just me.
But, if you’re reading this . . . we are already in the same boat . . . HA!.haha.ha.
But no, let’s get to the point.
You want to cook your favorite food and I got 8 easy steps for you to get there:

Step 1:

Ask yourself what dish you’d like to have RIGHT NOW. Because that’s going to be your favorite food for the next couple of hours. (In my case it was the Korean dish “Bibimbap”)

Step 2:
Google the recipe for that dish. Usually I just pick the first one with a nice picture of it.

Step 3:
Skip reading the instructions and just go directly to the part where they list the ingredients.

Step 4:
Substitute the ingredients you don’t have with similar ingredients that you have.
(Or go to the store, but that’s not an option for lazy people like me.)

Step 5:
Cross out the ingredients from the list that
– you don’t like (you can’t pronounce?)
– you don’t have and can’t substitute with another
– you can’t get at any store within a radius of 100 meters

Step 6:
Start cooking anyway. Just follow the instructions and ignore the parts you can’t do.

Step 7:
Hope for the best and enjoy your food! (Maybe pray if you are religious.)

Step 8:
If it was delicious – take a picture and brag!
If it was not satisfying or even bad you can
– cry and order a pizza
– cross out this dish from your favorite food list and never cook it again (you can add pizza to the list instead)
– remember to buy the ingredients you didn’t have today that were probably neccessary next time you do your grocery shopping

And this is how my Bibimbap looked like:





5 thoughts on “How to cook your favorite food in 8 steps

      1. Haha I admit I was kinda lazy to write down how I actually cooked it.

        So here some more useful information: (sorry if some details are vague, sometimes I just make a rough estimate of how much I need)
        for 2 servings:

        1 carrot
        1 zucchini
        100g champignons
        200g baby spinach
        200g beef
        2-3 glove garlic, minced
        salt& pepper
        soy sauce
        Gochujang (chili paste)
        sesame oil
        roasted sesame
        cooked rice

        – beef should be in the freezer over night, because it’s easier to cut when it’s hard
        – take beef out of freezer about 3-4 hours before cooking

        – cut the zucchini and carrot into slices, about 5cm long
        – cut champignons into halves or quarters
        – cut beef into thin slices

        – fry all vegetables with a little oil SEPERATELY in a pan, add just a little salt and pepper and some drops of sesame oil, set aside in different bowls/plates
        – fry garlic in the pan with a little oil until it smells good
        – add a little sesame oil
        – then add the beef + a little salt & pepper
        – add 2-3 tsp of soy sauce
        – add 1 big tsp of chili paste
        – add 1 tsp of honey
        – fry until beef is ready

        Put the rice in a bowl and add all the cooked ingredients, decorate how you want it.
        To get the full taste, mix everything before eating!

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  1. I clicked your post not because of the “How to…”. LOL. It was because of the Bibimbap pic. It’s my fave too, I used to regularly ate it after swimming esp. during winter. Hmm, it was just soooo comforting and yummy!

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