About me – ENG

Tiếng Việt


Welcome to Linhzy’s Blog!

This blog is actually not about anything in particular, it was only created to remind myself to do something for my body and health. I mean, if someone’s watching, you gotta do something…
So mainly I will show you my smoothie or salad recipes and review some skin/body care products that I’m currently using.

Some random facts about me:

  1. I’m not a fashion or beauty blogger or anything like that, but now and then I’d like to pretend I am one 😉
  2. love food (who doesn’t?) but unfortunately I’m not quite a chef. No, seriously, I messed up mashed potatoes once. Maybe twice. Instant mashed potatoes.
  3. I have a driving license but if you see me drive, HIDE.
  4. Vietnamese roots, German education, English blog (wtf?)
  5. always tight on money except for payday and maybe the week after – love spending it anyway
  6. I have many hobbies, but please don’t ask what they are, because they change all the time…okay, maybe no hobbies.

Anyway, I’m a couch potato and if you like couch potatoes or potatoes only – maybe there’ll be something interesting for you to read 🙂