Daytrip: Salt mine Berchtesgaden

Hi guys!

I went on a day trip yesterday and visited the famous salt mine in Berchtesgaden:

salt mine
It’s a cellphone picture because I forgot my camera at home, but there are some better pictures on the offical website of the salt mine.
The ticket was 16,50€ for normal people and 15,00€ for students. At the entrance you will get an overall in your size which you have to put on during the sight seeing tour:


(credits to my friend Leon Duc Harris for this group picture)

I won’t tell all the details of the tour, but it included a 40m slide, a ride on a mirrow lake and tasting some salty walls – it was fun! Just see it for yourself 🙂
And don’t forget to check out the salt shop there! You can try the different seasoning salts before buying and this is what I got:

So, if you are traveling in south Germany you should definitely visit this salt mine!

Berchtesgaden has a  beautiful landscape but it was too rainy to go hiking, so we decided to have some food in Salzbug (Austria) afterwards.
(It’s only about an hour from Berchtesgaden if you take the bus.)

We went to a restaurant called “Zum Zirkelwirt” which was pretty Austrian/German. The atomosphere there was very nice and the Schnitzel was perfect (actually there were potatoes under it, you just can’t see them on the picture). The soup “Rindsuppe mit Grießnockerl” was also tasty as expected, but the “Schmalzbrot” (bread with lard) was not really my thing somehow. Not because it was bad, but because I don’t like lard in general I guess. But I wanted to try it anyway 🙂
In general I would totally recommend this place! If you happen to be in Salzburg and want to check it out, here is the website of the restaurant: Zum Zirkelwirt



Dinner at Romantica Venezia

Hi guys!
Today we had dinner at a local Italian restaurant called “Romantica Venezia” and I just want to share some pictures with you 🙂

It’s not a fancy place and not easy to find because it’s located at the edge of the city, but since it’s near where I live we decided to check it out.
There were a lot of people dining there actually (almost all tables were occupied), but we still got a table (on a friday night) even though we didn’t make any reservations.

The menu offered a selection of typical Italian dishes and it was surprisingly cheap! You can actually get a Pizza for 5€ and even the most expensive dish only costs 12-13€ (some fancy grilled fish, squid, gambas or something).
Because the prices were so cheap I was really curious whether this would turn out to be a disappointment. (It wasn’t.)

After we had ordered the waiter came with a mini brushetta plate for each of us:

So apparently every guest gets a free starter, which I really didn’t expect here.

Then I had tuna with onions and beans, which I slightly regret, because it made me halfway full before I got to the main dish, plus it was not that special. (The other salads were just so cheap I thought it was a good idea to try an “expensive” appetizer for 4€.)

And for the main course I got Rigatoni Arrabiata for 6€:


Yeah not too special either, but I really felt like having something spicy and this was really good! I just had this dish at a different place two weeks ago but in comparison to that this plate was much more juicy because of the fresh tomatoes and not too spicy.
It was a lot for 6 Euros but I somehow almost managed to finish it. (There were like 6 rigatonis left on the plate.) T had Rigatoni Alfonso (for 7€) which looked like a huge lasagne because it came in an oval casserole. I couldn’t take a picture of it because T was already happily munching (burning his mouth) when I took the camera out, lol.
But I tried it and it was really yummy, too!
Actually we wanted to get some panna cotta or tiramisu as desert afterwards, but we were just way too full.

All in all I’d say it’s a totally nice place to have a casual Italian dinner. And I guess because the restaurant is not well-located the people that run this place take really good care of their guests. They were very friendly and I often saw them taking time to chat with their customers  in a very familar way. So if you want to dine in a family environment with very fair prices I can definitely recommend this place.


LeDu Happy Dumplings


Catching up with some old friends is always nice, but you know what is even better? Having some dumplings with them! It’s the second time I’m getting dumplings at LeDu, and this time we went to the small bistro (Theresienstraße 18, Munich) instead of the restaurant. I got the fried version of “Red Bull” which consists of organic beef, carrots, sezuan-pepper, celeries and ginger. You can also choose between wheat or rye dough and the dumplings come with some peanut sauce and soy(?) sauce. It was delicious and those 10 pieces really make you feel full afterwards. And the best part is, you only pay 6,90€  for it!

After that we walked through the city for a while, so here is an unrelated picture of Munich 🙂