Book season! and a green smoothie

So when’s your book season?

Nah, there shouldn’t be a book season, because all seasons are book seasons!
But you know, when it’s starting to get really cold outside, and you get all comfy in your warm bed with a good book (or lots of books) and a cup of tea… yeah, that’s the season right now.
I must confess it’s really hard for me to make some smoothies during winter. I don’t know about you, healthy-tanned-people living in L.A., but I find it really difficult to drink cold things when it’s freezing. I always put some ice in my smoothies and refrigerate them for later, because I like them cool and fresh. But during winter, I really prefer some hot tea.

So here’s the last smoothie I made a couple of weeks ago:


It’s a really really green smoothie, because I put lots of healthy green stuff in it.


Granny Smiths, green pear, lime juice and yes, brocoli. And I think some cale and rucola, too. The rucola was a bit too much, because it has a really strong smell. But the brocoli was fine actually! It was a little bit sour because of the green apples (my favorites) and the limes, but I like it sour, so it was really nice.

But yeah, since then I haven’t had any smoothies, I just have fruits now and then, and lots of tea, well, oh this is so off-topic now.

Back to the books! If you are interested in what I’m currently reading, just follow me on Goodreads!



Kiehl’s advent calendar

Well I’m gonna countdown super fancy this year, look what my sister got me 🙂


This is so exciting! Wanna know what I got today?


A small Lip Balm! Which is very creamy and thick, btw. I guess it’s useful when you have very very dry lips and good for winter days. BUT it smells super weird, I can’t even describe, it reminds me of baby formula somehow. Well, I’m used to getting lip balms with nice and sweet scents, so I’ll probably keep this for days when I have really dry and chapped lips.

I wonder what number 7 will get me, looks kinda intimate, haha.

Homemade Chia Bubble Tea

Hey guys!

Have you ever tried to make bubble tea with chia seeds? Yeah I thought so.

Well, I really felt like having a bubble tea the other day, but I didn’t want to go downtown to get it and I was thinking about the amount of sugar that’s usually in it, so… I had the crazy idea of making my one healthy bubble tea..ish.


So first I had to make my own flavor, and I wanted it to be a littly fruity and peachy, so I just threw a bunch of fruits in a pot and boiled them. I used honey to sweeten it, since it was a little sour because of the oranges and lemon slices.

And because I didn’t have any tapioca at home I put some chia seeds in a glass of water for a couple of hours to make them a little jelly-like. Then I just made some jasmine tea and combined everything, and voilà:


Well, it’s not really like the bubble-teas you get at the store, naturally. But I believe it’s healthier and I actually like jelly-chia-seeds in a cup of tea, so why not 🙂

Oh and happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it 🙂

So nice and heart-warming


Look what the kids from Tirmasahun (India) send us! This picture really made my day and I’m really proud of the things we do at our charity club ACO. This is one of the organizations we supported this year. The money was collected at our charity event Taste of Asia 2 weeks ago.




ACO Charity Event

Hi guys! It’s been a while but I have a good excuse: I’ve been busy for a good cause and this is the result of the last 3 weeks:14919022_1158928677529949_5401234165707401484_o.jpg

Our charity Food Court “Taste of Asia 2016” was very successful and we’ve collected 10.000,00 € that we will donate to 2 different charity projects in Vietnam and India. If you want to read more about it, just visit our website: Asia Charity Organization e.V.

I had a lot of fun coordinating one of the food halls and I’m pretty sad that I didn’t have time to take some pictures of the food we offered there. We had about 50 different Asian dishes and almost everything was sold out by the end of the evening.


And besides the food court we also had an interesting show with different artists:


We even managed to invite Vietnam Idol 2015 Trong Hieu to our event but my cellphone can only take blurry pictures when it comes to taking selfies with a star:


And here is a picture of my mum and my sister with me, both also helped out a lot at the event:



Soooo, now I need to rest, because that was a lot of socializing for a couch potato like me.


Credits to Henry Pham for the first four pictures in this post

Low-carb meals during busy days

Hi guys,

I haven’t been able to post anything lately (again) because I have some exams coming up and some other things going on – work and social stuff, like help planning a charity event – feel free to check it out: Taste of Asia )

Anyway, I’m still sticking to my diet most of the time (there are exceptions of course) and I’ve already reached my goal to reduce my weight by 2,8 pounds, but I’ve decided to keep going on with the diet anyway. I feel healthier having more veggie meals and low-carb days.

So here is a tuna-salad bowl I had for lunch:


I used canned tuna and spiced it up with some apple and cashews nuts. Add some corn salad, cherry tomatoes and rucola and a few drops of balsamic vinegar & olive oil and you’re done! It’s really quick and simple 🙂

How to lose weight without exercising

Sounds pretty promising right?

Well, it’s not the healthiest way to do it, but I can proudly announce that I’ve lost 1kg (2,2 pounds) after 4 days of dieting!


It’s really not too hard to lose a few extra pounds if your are determined to stick to some basic rules:

  1. Substitute unhealthy food with healthy food
    snacks: instead of pringles, chocolate and other cool stuff, I had fruits and vegetables
    lunch or dinner: sometimes I would have a salad or a smoothie bowl instead
    low-carb: try to have low-carb meals. you can have dark whole-grained bread instead of white toasts for example
  2. Don’t eat until you are full
    it’s not very satisfying but it’s possible! Don’t let the black hole in you devour every last bit that’s on the table. Plan ahead how much you should have during a meal and stick to it.
  3. Drink something when you are hungry
    that’s not satisfying either, but it does fill your belly a little bit. Plus, it’ll help you cleanse your body. Just try to drink more water in general! (avoid sugary drinks)
  4. Don’t have food at night
    that was probably the most difficult part of my diet, but after two days my body got used to it and I almost don’t feel the urge to have a snack after 8pm anymore.
  5. Say no to cake
    Just say no.

Well, I admit one afternoon I was really hungry and I had half a burrito (I could have eaten 2 though) that was not planned, but I think a diet shouldn’t be a cruel torture thing^^. It definitely should be a little annoying and difficult, but if nothing can stop you from having a burrito, have it!

There are still 0,3kg left (0,66 pounds) until I reach my goal and of course I know that a diet only helps you to lose weight, but if you also want a flat belly, you definitely should work out! So mayyybee, if I’m not too lazy I’ll start doing some exercises soon 🙂




It’s time for a little diet

Hi guys!

Summer is almost over and it’s time for a diet! I’ve been eating some junk food lately, which is okay, as long as I’m not doing it constantly, because I believe that my body should be able to deal with everything once in a while.

So here’s the deal. I’m intending to lose 1,3 kg (~2,8 pound) and I’m not sure yet when I will reach that goal. But I will make a post once I get there 🙂

For today, as the first day of my diet, I’m going to have a smoothie bowl for lunch (I skipped breakfast because of waking up late) and between lunch and dinner I will allow myself to have a small snack in case of low blood sugar (no junk food though): either a hard boiled egg or half an avocado or a small slice of dark whole-grain bread with cheese etc.


(the smoothie bowl contains 1 banana, 1 apple and 1 tbsp Acai powder)

For dinner I intend to go with the flow and have whatever is planned for tonight, but I will make sure to keep it as much low-carb as it can be.

And the last rule is: no more night snacks 😦

I love eating at night somehow, which is very bad for the body, I know. It’s just I often stay up very late because I’m working at home and don’t have to be somewhere in the morning, and then of course I get hungry  . . .

But no more!

I’m not overweight (or not yet ^^), but getting rid of some extra pounds will make me feel more comfortable – which means, that I occasionally can have my random junk food sessions again 🙂

Skincare products I packed for Greece

Hi guys!

It’s been a while and I’m finally back to my ordinary life as a couch potato 🙂
If you haven’t noticed I’ve been to Greece this summer and during those 2 weeks all I was allowed to bring was a 10kg carry-on baggage! (downside of cheap flights)

So naturally it was hard to choose which things to pack, plus, I had to make sure all liquid items were in the right size. I’m glad I found a travel kit at dm for only 2,95€.

I filled the 6 containers of the travel kit with the following products :


A mild body scrub by Rituals, I like its light scent and you always need a good scrub every now and then. I also packed the Fuji Green Tea body wash by The Body Shop – I could have chosen any shower gel actually, but I got this nice fancy bottle for my birthday, so why not take it with me on vacation 🙂


The deep cleansing foam by Cleansing Story (or whatever Korean brand it is that I cant read) is awesome! I discovered it during my summer vacation in Vietnam several years ago. It’s very mild and yet very purifying, I’ve tried the green tea scent before and now I’m using the Aloe version. And I like both! I think you can get it at any drugstore in Vietnam for about 4€ (100k-120k d).
As you can see I’m a huge Aloe fan, so the next product I brought with me was the Aloe Calming Toner by The Body Shop. It doesn’t smell like anything in particular but I was looking for a mild toner without alcohol and this was just perfect.
And of course I packed my Super Aqua Serum by MISSHA. I actually didn’t have to recant the serum, because it’s relatively small, so I just brought the whole thing with me. And yes, usually I’d bring my Aloe Vera Gelly instead, but this serum has a 45 SPF and Greece is sunny, plus there was no space for both products, so …

And because that’s not enough, I also packed my Clinique 3 Step set – it was a present and it’s a travel size set, so I basically had to bring it 🙂


Last but not least, my Bio-Apple & quince (?) shampoo by SANTE. I’ve been using several shampoos from different natural cosmetic brands for a while now and will write a separate post about my experience with them soon!

And what a surprise, since I don’t have a complex daily skin care routine, this is almost everything I use at home, too!

So what are your favorite beauty items when you’re traveling? 🙂