I’m a grapefruit person now

I had a grapefruit today. And I liked it. I think it’s the beginning of the end (of youth).

When I think of it, it is pretty scary how fast everything is going. This year I am actually going to be 27 . . (can you imagine?)
When I was 14 I used to imagine how my life is going to be – 18 first boyfriend, 20 graduate from high school, 23 meet future husband, 24 get a job (well-payed of course), 26 married.
(Yes I used to think things ended after marriage.)
But well, turns out everything except graduating from high school didn’t go as planned!
I honestly still feel like I’m 21 (when I’m standing under the shower and think about life, I might be 40 though.)

And I do feel like 2017 will bring some changes. It actually already did: I’m officially a German citizen now (yay!), I got a new job (yay!) and I got a new cell phone haha.

So yeah, that’s my short update, I’m sorry I don’t have a new smoothie that I can present to you (fruits are so expensive and rare during this season). I do have fruits everyday, but I think I’m too old now for posting everything I eat :))
Stay healthy and age gracefully!


(Summer 2014 – one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona.
Where would you go, if you could right now?)