Is fancy muesli worth the price?

Good morning potato fellows,

I’m having muesli this morning and I just wonder, what kind of cereal brands you prefer having. Recently I’ve run out of my Dr. Oetker Vitalis, so I decided to buy some new fancy muesli. (because payday and stuff)

mymuesli has caught my eye for quite some time, because as you can see they have pretty boxes that you can actually reuse, but it was always the price that had kept me away (7.90€/box).


Anyhow I got chocolate banana (for my soul) and figurefit (for my body) and I tend to mix both for breakfast (for body & soul of course). I really like the fact that they put lots of dried fruits and seeds in it, because I’m the kind of person who can’t eat much oat unless it is mixed with other interesting ingredients. And again, I love the boxes.
So far, my favorite flavor is blaubeer (blueberry), and I’m probably going to rebuy it soon, despite it being twice the price I pay for Dr. Oetker…

So to be honest, I do think you can also find good muesli for a lower price. In my experience 3€-muelis are usually fine, and I will definitely try some other brands too, to be able to make a full comparison. (Any recommendations?)

BUT, if you think about it, how much do we pay for fun on average? I mean, a cocktail  (even non-alcoholic) is already about 6-8 €, in a bar even a coke costs 3€. The money we spend on a friday night could probably buy us cereals for half a year. I paid 23€ for Beauty and the Beast (popcorn + drink included) without blinking an eye. And don’t we all (don’t lie!) buy random stuff we don’t really need? We spend fortunes on all kinds of things daily, so why should we hesitate when it comes to our well-being?

So, if it’s not the end of the month (even then payday is around the corner, so don’t be thrifty) don’t think about 7.90€ and buy the muesli with the fancy box, if that’s your motivation for eating healthier 🙂




Black & Blue

I’m a blackberry fan (fruit & cellphone).
I also love blueberries.
But raspberries are still my favorite:)

Since I don’t have any of the latter left, my Acai bowl looked like this today :


There are chia seeds in the Acai mixture which you probably can’t see in this photo.
After blending some blueberries and blackberries with almond milk, Acai powder and banana I added chia seeds to the mixture and left the bowl in the fridge for about half an hour. That way the seeds get a jelly-like coating which I like better than dry chia seeds.
And this time I used some coconut flakes for decoration.
I think I could really get used to these healthy bowls!

My first Açai Bowl

Hi guys!
I just got some Acai powder this week – because everyone seems to have an Acai bowl for breakfast now, so I thought what the heck, let’s spend a thousand bucks and become a super healthy person!


Just kidding, it wasn’t that expensive, but I swear being unhealthy was so much cheaper. 99 cents for a liter of milk, 2 euros for a cereal box and you’re good for a week.
For this bowl it was
– 14,90 EUR for the Acai powder (500g)
– 9,90 EUR for the Chia seeds (1000g)
– 2,95 EUR for a liter of almond milk
– 3,95 EUR for the sunflower seeds (1000g)
plus bananas and raspberries.

So yeah, I know why I haven’t been healthy in my high school years.
BUT of course I don’t need to buy those ingredients for another couple of months (besides the fruits and milk) because you really only need a spoonful of powder and seeds for one serve. So that’s okay, and I must say I really liked it!
The Acai mixture just goes perfectly with fruits and seeds as toppings and looks pretty, too. And of course I added some chocolate chips again! 🙂

For people who like numbers:

  • 100 ml almond milk
  • 125g raspberries (use some for topping, rest goes into mixture)
  • 1 banana (use extra banana for topping or less milk, otherwise the mixture will be too thin)
  • 1 full tsp Acai powder
  • add toppings you like


A colorful breakfast

It’s weekend! And I took the time to make myself a fruity breakfast:


I’m still on my way to becoming a healthier person, so I’m trying to include more fruits and veggies in my meals everyday. And so far it’s been a refreshing experience:)
I’ve also been experimenting with food lately, so besides the fruits I also had a toast with spicy hummus and cress. It was declicious! And man I was really full afterwards. You can use a different kind of bread of course, but I didn’t have any other at home.
It’s a colorful plate and I guess I got enough vitamins for a good start into the day 🙂

Breakfast on a snowy day in April


Today in the middle of spring it started to snow so I decided to stay at home and make some late breakfast for me and T.


Just some toasted bread (from Rischart bakery) with cheese (Gouda) sprinkled with mixed Italian herbs and eggs (with scallions and a little bit of fish sauce, salt & pepper), some oranges and of course a smoothie (oranges, mango & low-fat yoghurt).
Have a nice day 🙂