Book Swapping and Cherry Blossoms

Hi guys!

Spring has come to town (in Munich) and let me show you some pink cherry trees near my house:


I just love this season! Even a couch potato like me has to go out during these days, because the weather and everything is just beautiful.
I also got a pretty nice picture with my instant camera:


But that’s not the only reason why I got out today. A book swapping event just happened to take place in the so-called Amerika-Haus and it was amazing!


So this is how it works: You bring old books that (you think) you can part with, and some people there would estimate how much your books are worth. Based on their judgments you will receive a card with a number on it which represents your credits. Then you can start “shopping” by going around and picking up books you find interesting. Each book is marked by a number depending on its value. I got 5 points on my card, so I was able to take books with a total value of 5. This is my haul! :


Pretty awesome, right? The Catcher in the Rye was even for free! There was actually a pile of books that were all for free due to their used condition. Book heaven, I’d say!
I just loved the idea of this whole thing! (I’m actually thinking about joining a book club there…)

And of course we went by my favorite ice cream place in Munich on our way home: Balla Beni


We had chocolate, maracuya and blueberry ice (the chocolate ice cream here is really THE best, and all the other flavors are awesome, too) and you can always pick a flavor to try out, so we chose lemon sorbet with basil (very fresh!) and caramel with amaretti (a little too sweet).

Well, that’s about it for today! Good night potato fellows! 🙂