5 Things a couch potato is doing on cold winter days

Hi there!

It’s been two weeks since my last post, and in case you are wondering what I’ve been up to: I haven’t managed to run a kilometer (but I got myself new running shoes, yay!), so I still have 200 km to go.
But hey I did actually do something that I can check off my new years resolutions list: I read a book! (It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover) And I liked it so much! If you are interested in what it is about, check out this summary on Goodreads.

So what are couch potatoes doing at home all day? Now, how should I know, I haven’t talked to another couch potato! But I can tell you the things I like to do. When I plan my days it usually goes like this in my head:

  1. Get up early and run a few miles while it’s -5°C and snowing outside OR
    stay in warm bed, get some breakfast in bed and get some fresh air on the balcony
  2. Go out and explore the world while it’s -5°C and snowing outside OR
    explore things on the internet, cook a warm meal and wear comfy clothes (totoro socks!)
  3. Go shopping when every store has big sales while it’s -5°C and snowing outside OR
    go online shopping while sitting on a comfy couch, sipping hot chocolate
  4. Socialize with other people in a bar, club or somehere else while it’s freeezing cold, dark, slippery, windy, -10°C and snowing OR
    socialize with the person who’s already here at home and have some snacks while watching netflix
  5. Read a good book and have a nice cup of tea OR
    read a good book and have a nice cup of tea.

I have been very lazy regarding blogging and posting updates in the last few months, not because I was too busy doing anything in particular. I just like finding new ways to spend my time and try new things to do at home and my latest new thingy is doodling in a notebook:wp-1484437402057


It’s like writing in a diary, without actually writing long sentences or apologizing for absent days.

And yes I’m a Lauren Graham Fan!

If you have any new ideas for couch potatoes like me, just let me know!





How to lose weight without exercising

Sounds pretty promising right?

Well, it’s not the healthiest way to do it, but I can proudly announce that I’ve lost 1kg (2,2 pounds) after 4 days of dieting!


It’s really not too hard to lose a few extra pounds if your are determined to stick to some basic rules:

  1. Substitute unhealthy food with healthy food
    snacks: instead of pringles, chocolate and other cool stuff, I had fruits and vegetables
    lunch or dinner: sometimes I would have a salad or a smoothie bowl instead
    low-carb: try to have low-carb meals. you can have dark whole-grained bread instead of white toasts for example
  2. Don’t eat until you are full
    it’s not very satisfying but it’s possible! Don’t let the black hole in you devour every last bit that’s on the table. Plan ahead how much you should have during a meal and stick to it.
  3. Drink something when you are hungry
    that’s not satisfying either, but it does fill your belly a little bit. Plus, it’ll help you cleanse your body. Just try to drink more water in general! (avoid sugary drinks)
  4. Don’t have food at night
    that was probably the most difficult part of my diet, but after two days my body got used to it and I almost don’t feel the urge to have a snack after 8pm anymore.
  5. Say no to cake
    Just say no.

Well, I admit one afternoon I was really hungry and I had half a burrito (I could have eaten 2 though) that was not planned, but I think a diet shouldn’t be a cruel torture thing^^. It definitely should be a little annoying and difficult, but if nothing can stop you from having a burrito, have it!

There are still 0,3kg left (0,66 pounds) until I reach my goal and of course I know that a diet only helps you to lose weight, but if you also want a flat belly, you definitely should work out! So mayyybee, if I’m not too lazy I’ll start doing some exercises soon 🙂




A perfect normal day


Do you have those kind of days when you just feel great even though you haven’t accomplished anything special? It is somehow much more easier to remember days that are very special to us, very good days and very bad days. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, city trips and also sad occasions. But what about the days in between those events? Sometimes I really want to remember those casual moments, because if I don’t I’m afraid I might never be able to recall them again. Quiet moments, normal days, random thoughts that lead to nowhere eventually will pass into oblivion.
And that’s kinda sad isn’t it? Soon I will of course forget about the things I did today, but at least I will have this sunny picture of Paris to recall how I felt before going to bed.
Because sometimes it’s enough to remember a feeling 🙂