ABC Vitamin Smoothie

Happy International Workers’ day!

Actually I don’t really care what kind of holiday it is, I’m just happy to get a day off 🙂

I’ve been quite busy with life these days. I’m writing on my bachelor thesis and currently I’m waiting for my program to finish running. But apparently it’s still going to take a couple of minutes, so I’m going to share a short smoothie recipe with you meanwhile:


2 oranges
200 ml carrot juice
1 banana
10 frozen strawberries
handful red currants

It’s a smoothie full of vitamin A, B and C!


And because the carrot taste is well mixed with the other flavors, even carrot haters will like it! 🙂

Btw, I went hiking yesterday! We went to the Kampenwand/Steinilingalm which is 1450m above sea level (!). It’s actually a 4 and a half hour hiking route, but because of the melting snow (and lunch break) it nearly took us 6 hours. So for rookies like me it was a pretty tough one!

…but I made it!



Smoothie Season

I’ve started to make some smoothies again, because it’s the season when fruits are getting cheaper, hallelujah!

And also it’s time to get rid of some Winterspeck. So here’s my first spring smoothie:


1 banana
2 oranges

During this time of the year strawberries are usually not very sweet yet, so I just added a handful of them, plus a couple of physalis to get a nice scent for the smoothie.

I was in Barcelona (again) a couple of weeks ago, and if you have been there, you’ve definitely visited the Mercado de La Boqueria market (you should if you haven’t!):


They have amazing fruit stands there (try the papayas!) and as you can see, they also offer lots of fresh juice cocktails.

My advise, have lots of fruits and juices in mediterranean countries!

I’m going to upload some more pictures of my trip in another post sometime 🙂



Book season! and a green smoothie

So when’s your book season?

Nah, there shouldn’t be a book season, because all seasons are book seasons!
But you know, when it’s starting to get really cold outside, and you get all comfy in your warm bed with a good book (or lots of books) and a cup of tea… yeah, that’s the season right now.
I must confess it’s really hard for me to make some smoothies during winter. I don’t know about you, healthy-tanned-people living in L.A., but I find it really difficult to drink cold things when it’s freezing. I always put some ice in my smoothies and refrigerate them for later, because I like them cool and fresh. But during winter, I really prefer some hot tea.

So here’s the last smoothie I made a couple of weeks ago:


It’s a really really green smoothie, because I put lots of healthy green stuff in it.


Granny Smiths, green pear, lime juice and yes, brocoli. And I think some cale and rucola, too. The rucola was a bit too much, because it has a really strong smell. But the brocoli was fine actually! It was a little bit sour because of the green apples (my favorites) and the limes, but I like it sour, so it was really nice.

But yeah, since then I haven’t had any smoothies, I just have fruits now and then, and lots of tea, well, oh this is so off-topic now.

Back to the books! If you are interested in what I’m currently reading, just follow me on Goodreads!


Homemade Chia Bubble Tea

Hey guys!

Have you ever tried to make bubble tea with chia seeds? Yeah I thought so.

Well, I really felt like having a bubble tea the other day, but I didn’t want to go downtown to get it and I was thinking about the amount of sugar that’s usually in it, so… I had the crazy idea of making my one healthy bubble tea..ish.


So first I had to make my own flavor, and I wanted it to be a littly fruity and peachy, so I just threw a bunch of fruits in a pot and boiled them. I used honey to sweeten it, since it was a little sour because of the oranges and lemon slices.

And because I didn’t have any tapioca at home I put some chia seeds in a glass of water for a couple of hours to make them a little jelly-like. Then I just made some jasmine tea and combined everything, and voilà:


Well, it’s not really like the bubble-teas you get at the store, naturally. But I believe it’s healthier and I actually like jelly-chia-seeds in a cup of tea, so why not 🙂

Oh and happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it 🙂

Berry good yogurt

Spiced up my yogurt with all kinds of berries today!

You might want to add some honey if you don’t like it too sour, because not all berries are sweet! 🙂
And the special ingredient this time: passion fruit! (the yellow bottom layer)
It always amazes me how much juice this little fruit can hold, even when its shell already looks wrinkled and dry.

For those who want to know what yogurt I used today:


I especially like the thick consistency and mild flavor of this high-protein & low-fat yogurt.



A colorful breakfast

It’s weekend! And I took the time to make myself a fruity breakfast:


I’m still on my way to becoming a healthier person, so I’m trying to include more fruits and veggies in my meals everyday. And so far it’s been a refreshing experience:)
I’ve also been experimenting with food lately, so besides the fruits I also had a toast with spicy hummus and cress. It was declicious! And man I was really full afterwards. You can use a different kind of bread of course, but I didn’t have any other at home.
It’s a colorful plate and I guess I got enough vitamins for a good start into the day 🙂

Peach drinks

Hi guys!

I got 1 kg of peach from the supermarket this week, if you read my post on Today’s breakfast bowl you probably noticed that I’ve added some diced peach to my muesli.
And since I still had a lot of peaches left, I decided to make some drinks 🙂

Tuần này mình vừa mua một cân đào ở ngoài chợ, nếu bạn đã đọc post Today’s breakfast bowl có lẽ bạn cũng đã thấy có đào ở trong bữa sáng của mình. Và vì mình vẫn còn nhiều đào quá nên mình đã quyết định làm mấy loại nước uống với hương vị đào:)

The first one is a rich creamy smoothie with the following ingredients:
3 peaches
1 ripe banana
1 apple
1 carrot
50 ml plain yogurt
200 ml water
2 tsp honey (depends on how sweet your fruits are)

Cốc đầu tiên là một cốc smoothie rất là chất dinh dưỡng và có những thành phần như sau:
3 quả đào
1 quả chuối chín
1 quả táo
1  củ cà rốt
50 ml sữa chua
200 ml nước lọc
2 thìa mật ong (tùy theo hoa quả ngọt như thế nào)

Sometimes I like to sneak some vegetables into my smoothies, that’s why there is a carrot in it. And I call it a success when the smoothie doesn’t reveal the veggie taste 🙂 Since it’s only one carrot and a lot of other fruits you really don’t need to worry about the taste, it’s still very fruity and yummy.

If you have a juicer, I recommend using it for the apple and the carrot and then add the juice to the rest in the mixer. That way the smoothie is not too thick and easier to drink.
And voilà, there’s your vitamin A drink 🙂

Thỉnh thoảng mình thích cho một chút rau củ vào smoothie để thêm phần bổ dưỡng nên lần này mình đã cho thêm một củ cà rốt vào. Vì chỉ là một củ nên bạn không cần lo là smoothie sẽ có mùi nồng. Nếu các bạn có máy vắt nước thì hãy ép lấy nước táo và cà rốt trước để tránh smoothie quá đặc. Cốc sinh tố vẫn rất thơm mùi hoa quả và lại còn có thêm vitamin A 🙂
The second drink is a fresh peach lemonade for a nice and hot summer day:


3 peaches (peeled)
2 limes (juice)
4 ice cubes
400 ml water
3 tsp honey
(add sugar if you want it sweeter)

Cốc thư hai là một cốc nước chanh đào rất đơn giản và mát mẻ cho những ngày mùa hè nóng:

3 quả đào (gọt vỏ)
2 chanh (vắt)
4 viên đá
400 ml nước lọc
3 thìa mật ong
(cho thêm đường theo sở thích)

Have a nice day!

Today’s breakfast bowl


1 peach
1/2 banana
natural plain yoghurt
chia seeds

1 quả đào
1/2 quả chuối
sữa chua
hạt chia
mật ong

It’s very simple and you can also put other fruits in it instead of peach or banana and it would still taste good. I like to soak the chia seeds in water for about half an hour before I mix them with the yoghurt.
And yeah, my muesli has some chocolate chip in it, I just couldn’t resist 🙂

Rote Limonade

Hey Leute! Fehlt euch auch etwas Sonne im Leben? Wie wär’s mit einem frischen Sommergetränk um schon mal den Vorgeschmack der Sommerzeit zu genießen:


Schnappt euch einfach eure Lieblings-Zitrusfrüchte und zaubert mit den Sommerfarben Glücksgefühle her! In meinem roten Cocktail sind drin:

1 Orange   (1 quả cam)
1 Zitrone   (1 quả chanh tây)
1/2 Limette   (1/2 quả chanh ta)
10 Erdbeeren    (10 quả dâu tây)
300 ml Wasser    (300 ml nước lọc)
Honig   (mật ong)

  1. Saft aus den Zitrusfrüchten pressen
  2.  Erdbeeren, Saft, Wasser und Honig in den Mixer
  3.  Zurücklehnen und genießen!


Frisch, lecker und einfach viel gesünder als der Saft vom Supermarkt:)

Today’s Smoothie

So today I made my own green smoothie and I’m happy to share my recipe with you!
Hôm nay mình vưa tự làm được một cốc sinh tố ‘xanh’ rất là ngon và muốn chia sẻ công thức với các bạn.


2 Apples
1 ripe Banana
1 Avocado
1 Kiwi
50g  baby Spinach leaves
4 ice cubes
200ml Water

2 quả táo
1 quả chuối chín
1 quả bơ
1 quả Kiwi
50g rau bina
4 viên đá
200ml nước lọc